Tropical Storm Hanna...just a blow-hard.

Well, tropical storm Hanna came through our area today. Here in Princess Anne we got some rain, some wind and some debris laying around, but nothing I'd call severe. As I look around my back yard all I see is small tree branches laying on the ground from the huge pecan tree that resides at the corner of my property. Nothing huge, but it's going to be a pain to pick all of those up before the next time I have to mow the grass. Power was knocked out to my colleague Yancy's web server up in Salisbury for a few hours, which of course hosts this blog. As you travel the highways in this area, they just look like two lanes cleared out of a sea of pine needles. Overall we just got a heavy rain storm with some wind. Nothing as bad as Ray Camden saw last week down in Louisiana. I'll start cleaning up tomorrow. With all the rain we got I'm sure I'll be mowing some grass soon.

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