7 Random Things About Me

Well, looks like I've been tagged by Lisa Heselton to blog seven random things about myself and tag seven new victims to do the same. Being the strange person I am, it shouldn't be hard to find 7 facts to leave you scratching your head.

1. Before I was a programmer I cut glass and mirror professionally. I could cut plate glass into almost any shape you can think of (within reason). I decided I had better get out of that business, however. The glass dust that flies off the the sanders ruins your credit cards and I can only imagine what it does to your lungs.

2. I can do almost anything to an aircooled VW. I have stripped a VW Beetle down to the frame before and completely put it back together. I can build engines, transmissions, suspension systems...the list goes on. I'm really into high performance stuff and should have a cRaZy turbocharged engine finished for my '73 Bug very soon. Despite all of this knowledge, however, I can't weld to save my life...

3. I have two cats, Zilla and Ninja. I like cats. It seems like there's always been this stereotype going around that guys have to be dog people. I disagree. I like my cats. They don't require as much attention as a dog, don't jump on you when they get excited, don't lick your face (for the most part) and don't have to go outside in the rain to do their business. Plus, I trained Ninja to play fetch with a ball, so she's kinda part dog anyway.

4. In my lifetime, I've played several instruments including the violin,clarinet, oboe and various percussion instruments. I was a snare drummer in the Mighty Sound of Maryland Marching Band (University of Maryland College Park).

5. I have two tattoos, and I intend on getting more. My left leg is done from ankle to knee with flames and has a VW emblem on it. On my left forearm I have a paw print with the name of my last cat, who spend 14 years with me, under it. I plan to have my right arm sleeved with various VW oriented images. I also have my ears stretched to 2 gauge....so far.

6. My original major at College Park was aerospace engineering. I thought I was going to be a rocket scientist. Didn't take me many semesters of that stuff to realize I was INSANE when I chose that major.

7. When I was in second grade, the tendons and hamstrings in my legs were so tight I couldn't put my feet flat on the floor without thinking about it all the time. I ended up having some braces made that held my feet 90 degrees to my leg at all times. After several months of stretching and wearing the braces I was fine. I still can't touch my toes without bending my knees to this day, however.

I can't think of 7 people with blogs that haven't already been tagged, so I'll update the list later. For now...

I Tag:

Yancy Wharton
Dan Parker
Leslie Leether
Brandon Green

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FREDTERP's Gravatar Go Terps. FREDTERP
# Posted By FREDTERP | 1/14/09 6:53 PM
Anna's Gravatar You have a very interesting person. You think not as all. I wish you good luck.

# Posted By Anna | 7/18/09 11:07 AM
Cassandra's Gravatar You have two cats, Zilla and Ninja...thats awesome.

# Posted By Cassandra | 5/13/10 9:05 AM
Stefany's Gravatar It will be very interesting to know how did you become a programmer. The things you've mentioned above has nothing to do with programming. But you are such an interesting person. You can do so much!
# Posted By Stefany | 7/1/10 10:37 AM
placement argent's Gravatar This is a really good read for me. Must agree that you are one of the coolest blogger I ever saw. Thanks for posting this useful information. This was just what I was on looking for. I'll come back to this blog for sure! I bookmarked this blog a while ago because of the useful content and I am never being disappointed. Keep up the good work
# Posted By placement argent | 7/2/10 11:15 PM
Sandrah T.'s Gravatar Great post! I enjoyed reading it. I think I also must think of some 7 unusual facts about me. It helps people get to know you more, and from different viewpoints.
BTW, I got a cat, and I also trained her to play fetch, she does like this: http://www.videorolls.com/watch/My-cat-is-a-dog and also I agree that cats are much easier to live with than dogs. )) Thank you Jim! I had fun.
# Posted By Sandrah T. | 7/6/10 6:51 AM
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