Free Money from CFUnited!

Do I have your attention now? CFUnited announced today that they will give away $200 each month to anyone who places their "Blog Bling" on their blog and fills out their survey at The survey simply asks for your name and the URL to the blog displaying the CFUnited logo. At the bottom of the form you're asked to give a short response as to your favorite thing about CFUnited and what you would say to someone when recommending they attend the conference. It's that simple! $200 a month will be given away between January and July, but you have to proudly display your Blog Bling to win. You can either steal the CFUnited Blog Bling off of my site here or go to and take it from the front page. Good luck everyone and see you in August!

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Mark's Gravatar I was about to say the same.

Mark Kwon
# Posted By Mark | 11/30/09 6:50 PM
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