Ledet Flex Training

Recently, I was informed that I was going to take over development on an AIR application that I wrote the original prototype for back in 2007. Back then my skill set was limited and the code definitely had its issues, but I managed. The problem now is that I haven't written a line of MXML or AS3 since then. The other issue is that many of the newer spark components were not available then, and I have no experience with them. The application, which has been in the hands of a few other talented Flex developers in the mean time, is in great shape. I'm taking over where the last developer left off and he left very good notes as to what was being worked on when he stopped. I just needed a refresher to get me going again.

I'm currently about halfway through a three-day Intro to Flex course from Ledet Graphics Training. So far, I'm very impressed. It's being held at Zenith Technologies, who has gone out of their way to make us comfortable at the training facility. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is actively developing, which has kept his skills fresh. He was able to show us some real world examples of his work.

My lunch break is over....back to work for now.

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