Thank you CF.Objective(ANZ)!

I returned late last night from CF.Objective(ANZ) in Melbourne and had a wonderful time. Great sessions, great friends and colleagues and a great overall experience. I especially want to thank Kai Konig, Mark Mandel and Julie Allen, whom without this event would not have been possible.

The keynote was extremely inspiring to the CFML developer. Mark Drew presented on some of the new great features in Railo 4 and showcased future support for the language. I think everyone left with that "warm fuzzy" feeling. The sessions that followed highlighted technologies like Clojure, FW/1, CFBulder, PhoneGap, digital video, using SCRUM efficiently and, of course, Apache Lucene Solr. The information provided in these sessions was invaluable. A very solid group of professionals was represented at CF.Objective(ANZ) and it was a priveledge to present alongside them.

I want to thank all that attended my workshop and my session on integrating Solr with ColdFusion applications. It felt great to pass along my enthusiasm for this technology to others.

For those interested, slides and code samples can be downloaded here.

I know there are a couple questions some of you had that I need to research. I will post the answers to those shortly.

Thank you again and I hope to see you all at a future conference.

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Jim Leether's Gravatar For those of you who have tried (unsuccessfully) to download the code, the zip was too large and the upload failed. I'm fixing the link now. Thanks all!
# Posted By Jim Leether | 11/5/12 1:50 AM
Jim Leether's Gravatar Should be good to go now. Thanks for your patience all!
# Posted By Jim Leether | 11/5/12 2:12 AM
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