My Proposed Topic for CF Objective 2014

This time around, I decided to throw my hat in the ring to potentially be a speaker at CF Objective and, of course, it involves Apache Solr. My topic is named "Beyond CFIndex - Apache Solr Enterprise Search Server and ColdFusion Integration". I did a similar presentation in October 2012 at CF.Objective(ANZ) in Melbourne, Australia. Solr 4.0 had just been released and I was able to highlight some of the new shiny parts, especially the redesigned web admin interface. My goal with this topic for 2014 is to show off some of the powerful features of Apache Solr that just aren't available to the user when using ColdFusion's built-in version of Solr and how to harness them within ones CF Application. In addition, I'll be highlighting some of the breakthroughs that have come about in Solr 4 since its initial release. Most recently, Solr 4.5 has introduced some VERY useful features including the ability to manage your schema through the API or run in a schema-less mode where Solr uses its best guess on the field type depending on what you send it for indexing.

With all of that said, voting is now open for proposed topics and we need to CF Community's opinions to make CF Objective the great conference it always has been. I have never had the means to go on my own, so speaking would open a lot of doors for me. Speaker or not, I will find some way to be there this time around.

Voting on topics can be done at:

You will have to sign up for a Trello username to vote, or you can link Trello to your Google+ account.

I thank everyone for their support and will see you out there!

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